Fire Starter Kit

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Fire Starter Kit

Fire starter kit 

This kit comes with everything you need for building a fire on demand. 

Comes with its own carrying tin. Inside you will find your fire striker,

which is made from 5/16 full ferro rod with striker attached with a cobra para-cord braid. 

Also included in the kit is 100% untreated hemp rope, and char cloth in its own reuseable burn tin. 

By that we mean, all you need to do is take your untreated 100% cotton cut it into 1.5 x 1.5 inch squares 

place those in the burn tin, line up the wholes and toss it into the fire until the smoke stops. 

Once this happens safely remove tin from the fire NOT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!

set the tin aside allow to cool and now you have a fresh supply of char cloth again. 

**NOTE** remember to turn the lid so the hole does not line up anymore to insure no moisture

will get in and ruin your supply...